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Stage equipment is often overlooked and neglected. Stage rigging systems routinely suspend thousands of pounds of equipment overhead. Orchestra pit lifts and platform systems are walked on and used without a second thought. Our inspection and repair services include:

  • Comprehensive visual review of the installed equipment

  • Operation of all moving devices

  • Photos of deficiencies found

  • Comprehensive written report with our findings, discussion and recommendations, photos, and budgets

We will inspect, at your discretion, rigging and drapery systems, permanently installed chain hoists, utility hoists, orchestra pit lift, orchestra pit fillers, choir risers, portable stages, and orchestra shells.


What an inspection is--and is not:

  • Inspections are primarily visual and operational reviews of the equipment that we can readily access without taking apart or removing components (for example, we aren't going to disassemble a loft block or motor)

  • Inspections are inteded to find major defects and inform you about the condition of the systems on your stage.

  • Inspections may not find every defect or issue.

  • Inspections are not an insurance policy, warranty or guarantee.

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