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Lighting Up Calvary Lutheran Church

The ACD team had the opportunity to install new lighting in the main sanctuary of Calvary Lutheran Church, located on the southside of Indianapolis. Utilizing a lighting and controls package from Vari-Lite, our team was truly able to light up the space!

Winamac Bridge 001.jpg
Winamac Bridge 004.png

Photo credit: Cody Foust

Veterans Memorial Swinging Bridge

Associated Controls + Design installed and commissioned new lighting on the Veterans Memorial Swinging Bridge in Winamac, Indiana. The bridge was originally dedicated on July 4, 1923, but was rededicated on July 3rd to honor those who served dating back to the Civil War. Using lighting elements from XLED by Carl Stahl, Acclaim Lighting, and Pharos Architectural Controls, lighting the suspension, boardwalk and support truss of this pedestrian bridge was seamless. We were proud to be part of this historical event!

Inside View of the Canopy Lights - Waterloo, IA
Bridge Canopy and Towers - Waterloo, IA

Completion of the 4th Street Bridge

Just in time for holiday season celebrations, Associated Controls + Design collaborated with Shakespeare Lighting Design to complete the lighting and controls for the canopy and tower over the 4th Street Bridge in Waterloo, IA. This project heavily utilized Pharos Architectural Controls and Mike Brubaker's expertise in installing and commissioning.

Savage X Fenty Store Front - Las Vegas, NV
Savage X Fenty Inside Store - Las Vegas, NV

Savage X Fenty Store Grand Openings

Associated Controls + Design was brought in as the controls experts for several of the Savage X Fenty: by Rhianna stores, opening in Las Vegas, Houston, King of Prussia, Culver City and Pentagon City. Mike Brubaker applied his knowledge of Pharos Architectural Controls and skill of installing and commissioning make these stores come to life. The grand openings for each of the stores were a huge success.

Mackey Arena - Purdue University - West Lafayette, IN
Purdue University - Mackey Arena 002

Mackey Arena Lighting System Premieres

Starting off their season with a win, Purdue Men's Basketball also showed off the new lighting systems installed in Mackey Arena. 


In Phase 1, Associated Controls + Design removed 108, 1000 Watt metal halide floodlights from the trusses and catwalk inside Mackey. These were replaced with 42, 600 Watt LED floodlights manufactured by Ephesus Lighting. The impacts on the facility were immediate. Physically, this reduced the weight on the ceiling by about four tons. Power consumption dropped drastically--not only because the smaller quantity of new fixtures draw less power. LED technology is instant-on, which means that the lights can and are switched off when no one is using the arena. On top of those benefits, the quality and eveness of the lighting on Keady Court is greatly improved.


In Phase 2, Associated Controls + Design added an advanced integrated control system and intellegent moving spotlights. The control system, necessary for the moving lights, also gives Purdue Athletics individual control over each of the lights installed in Phase 1. The new moving lights are Elation Platinum Spot 35R Pro. Controls include products from Pharos, Pathway Connectivity, Lumen Radio, and Intellegent Lighting Controls.

Anderson Unviersity - York Performance Hall

Anderson University - York Performance Hall

Associated Controls + Design's scope included:

  • The design, manufacture, and installation of the acoustical banner system. These were built around the Daktronics Vortek Banner Hoist (now Vortek by ETC) and M-series controls. The system allows the users to easily raise and lower banners, in groups or individually, to preset points. This adjustability provides different acoustic enviroments for the many different musical users of the facility.

  • The track-mounted drapery systems at the rear of the stage. 


This project showcases our custom design, fabrication, and installation capabilities in a very highly finished environment.

The Berman Center For The Performing Arts.JPG

The Berman Center For The Performing Arts

Associated Controls + Design provided design consulting services for this beautiful small theater in Detroit, MI. Our scope included:


  • Assistance with seating layout and sightlines

  • Input to the basic stage layout

  • Stage floor design + specification

  • Stage rigging system design + specification

Delphi Opera House3.png
Delphi Opera House 003

Delphi Opera House

This renovation of the historic Delphi Opera House brings back to life a beautiful example of this typical small midwestern performance venue. While the Opera House itself is located on the third floor of the building, the project included the addition of a new multistory building to house a lobby, dressing rooms, multipurpose meeting room and banquet hall. The balance of the building includes offices, meeting space, and a street-level gallery. ACD's scope included:

  • Design consultation for the facility itself, lighting, controls, rigging, drapery, and filler platforms;

  • Supply LED color-changing house lights

  • Supply + install LED color-changing performance lighting

  • Supply + program architectural controls

Downey Avenue Christian Church.JPG

Downey Avenue Christian Church

This unique renovation of a very traditional church building created some intersting challenges. Formost among them: the scrim system installed at the front of the platform. The scrim needed to be able to be drawn back to fully reveal the platform and allow its use--but also to be lowered and taut to help mask the platform area.


Our scope included the final design of the scrim system as well as its provision and installation.

IUPUI Campus Center Theater_edited.jpg

IUPUI Campus Center Theater

The Campus Center Theater was included in the original design of the IUPUI Campus Center--but was conceived as a lecture hall rather than a performance stage. It was not finished during the original construction, however. After several years, the University made the decision to finally finish the space. However, in the interim, theater classes had developed at the school. A lecture room would not meet their needs.


Associated Controls + Design was hired to aid the architect to design a room that woudl function as a performance space--while being restricted by the concrete box that creates the physical limits of the room. Our scope included:


  • Provide guidance and options for configuring the available space, including ceiling details, wall configuration, lighting positions

  • Technical specification of the lighting, lighting control, rigging and drapery systems

Scottish Rite - Valley of Chicago.JPG
Scottish Rite - Valley of Chicago 002

Scottish Rite - Valley of Chicago

After selling their downtown Chicago facility, the Scottish Rite decided to move their headquarters west of the city, into the village of Bloomingdale.


Associated Controls + Design was included in the design team with a scope of services that included:


  • Assistance with the basic layout and flow of the theater and its adjoining spaces

  • Seating and sightline studies

  • Equipment budgets

  • Architectural lighting design (theater only)

  • Stage platform systems

  • Stage rigging system

  • Stage lighting system

  • Drop storage system

South Bend River 3.JPG

South Bend River Lights

Working closely with designer Rob Shakespeare, Associated Controls + Design engineered the complex and physically large control systems for this innovative, interactive lighting system.


The system has, essentially, five major elements.


First, TRIO. TRIO is a series of three truss towers installed on the pavilion island adjacent to the Sound Bend Convention Center. Each tower has its own set of lights as well as sensors that detect motion toward or away from the tower.


The second element is FOREST. Forest is a set of five towers installed in the park across the St. Mary's river. These towers of varying heights and colors have the same features as TRIO.


Third, CRESCENT. This truss structure, just to the north of FOREST, carries lights aimed at the cascade as well as lights aimed at the walking path that crosses under the structure. This portion, too, as sensors.


Fourth, the brige. At the southern end of the installation is a beautiful vehicle bridge. 


Finally, the diSuvero Sculpture. Located on a pedastal in the middle of the river, the sculpture finally is visible at night as we as in the daytime.


The control systems manage the lighting at all of these locations as well as create the interactive game that is a fun feature of the installation.

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