Associated Controls + Design Debuts New Website

November 14, 2015

After several months of behind-the-scenes work, today Associated Controls + Design is rolling out their new, updated website. The site has a fresh, new look and features many products and projects.


Associated Controls + Design is an architainment systems integrator and theatrical dealer. Their services include lighting, stageing, and rigging equipment sales, systems design, installaton, and service, and safety inspections. ACD staff have over 100 years of combined experience in architainment and related fields.

Mackey Arena Lighting System Premieres

November 13, 2015

Starting off their season with a win, Purdue Men's Basketball also showed off the new lighting systems installed in Mackey Arena. 


In Phase 1, Associated Controls + Design removed 108, 1000 Watt metal halide floodlights from the trusses and catwalk inside Mackey. These were replaced with 42, 600 Watt LED floodlights manufactured by Ephesus Lighting. The impacts on the facility were immediate. Physically, this reduced the weight on the ceiling by about four tons. Power consumption dropped drastically--not only because the smaller quantity of new fixtures draw less power. LED technology is instant-on, which means that the lights can and are switched off when no one is using the arena. On top of those benefits, the quality and eveness of the lighting on Keady Court is greatly improved.


In Phase 2, Associated Controls + Design added an advanced integrated control system and intellegent moving spotlights. The control system, necessary for the moving lights, also gives Purdue Athletics individual control over each of the lights installed in Phase 1. The new moving lights are Elation Platinum Spot 35R Pro. Controls include products from Pharos, Pathway Connectivity, Lumen Radio, and Intellegent Lighting Controls.

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