Associated Controls + Design

Associated Controls + Design was born in 1999 to fill a need of our then fifty-eight-year-old parent company. C.M. Buck & Associates, Inc., was being asked repeatedly for assistance in the design of increasingly sophisticated dimming and control systems.

Our initial mandate was to be the dimming, controls and lighting specialist for C.M. Buck Associates, Inc's clients. Those clients then pushed us to go further and to provide more complete design and installation services. As our reputation grew and our name became known in the architectural and engineering communities, we found ourselves being asked to work with their rigging (suspension) applications, as well. Our philosophy then, as now, was to provide high-quality equipment, excellent installations, and satisfied clients at a reasonable cost.

We have steadily broadened our palette of services to what you find today. No longer are we only a theatrical lighting, dimming and controls company—although we still do that. Architectural consultation, theatrical equipment (rigging, acoustical shells, orchestra pit equipment, performance lighting, specialty architectural and effect lighting, seating, flooring) sales, design, and specification, existing systems inspections and service, dimming system field service, and product sales are just some of the services that we currently offer.

We look forward to continued growth in the years to come as we continue to support facility owners and users, architects and engineers in their endeavors with these specialized buildings.

Our Team

Our core team of people offer a diverse range of knowledge and experience, including commercial and theatrical lighting, control systems, video production, rigging systems, staging systems, and production.


Mike Brubaker
Sean Cole
John Jarabek